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Who am I? I am an interaction designer with a background in sound design for film, games and installations. My ongoing project has been to blend the best practices of both domains to create immersive experiences for the user / audience. I'm equally at home with conceptualization, usability testing, wireframing, and spec writing, as I am building prototypes from code--whatever it takes to give the final product that extra push.

How did I get here? I had my creative beginnings as a student of drawing and ceramics. In the early 90s, I took up the electric bass and studied into high school, performing in jazz band, and taking classical lessons on the upright. I was eventually admitted into the Music Composition program at University of Miami, Florida, where I studied classical composition and jazz. In 2001 I made my way out west to attend California Institute of the Arts program in Music Technology. There I studied film sound design, synthesis, and interactive performance, and began playing with Pure Data and Max / MSP software. In 2001 I co-founding electronic music group Cutetheory, and began making tracks under the alias Lordx. After graduating Calarts in 2003, I moved to Hollywood, where I worked as a sound editor on films, games, and commercials, while adding the sound design and programming layer to several art installations and performances. In the Spring of 2006 I taught and authored the syllabus for the Digital Audio Editing course at California Design College. Shortly afterwards I moved from New York and worked at Apple Store Fifth Avenue as a Creative instructor, teaching people ways to use computer applications on the Mac. I was concurrently enrolled at New York University Masters program in Interactive Telecommunications. In addition to coursework, I interned at Eyebeam Gallery and also Phreesia, a startup that designs touchscreen patient intake devices for clinics. In Summer of 2008 I made way out to San Francisco, where I took a UI Designer position at Intuit, designing software offerings for the small business ecosystem. In my spare time, I enjoy making music, traveling, and playing with Java Processing.

A wireframe for a sailing game on the iPhone that I'm currently designing as a side project. The player controls the force and direction of the wind to guide the boat to the finish line.

Interaction Design

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I am a tech-savvy interaction designer seeking a full-time or contract position, where my role would involve a combination of user experience, visual design and front-end engineering, to deliver cutting-edge software for a mobile or desktop offering.


User Interaction engineer, betteroffline  |  sunnyvale, CA  |  MARCH - SEPTEMBER 2009

-  Overseeing interaction design, visual design, and user experience for BetterOffLine?s website and offering, with web-based and mobile applications providing trade-show search and analytics capability to be released in the coming months.

-  Conducting surveys, usability studies, and generating personas to gain a better understanding of our core users--attendees and exhibitors at events.

-  Directed and edited proof-of-concept video for the product.

- Creating graphics assets and mockups for UI elements within Fireworks, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

- Programming the front-end using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, using Dreamweaver

- Designing and developing heat map algorithms and visualizations in Java.



-  Designing payroll applications suited for the small business ecosystem, within Gemini, Intuit Online Payroll, and Service Assisted Portal offerings.

-  Spec-writing and building prototype in HTML, Flex, and Java.

-   Conducting usability studies to test different screens with potential customers.



-  Created prototype graphical user interfaces for a touch-screen device used to replace the patient clipboard in clinics, using Adobe Illustrator, HTML and Java.

-   Administered, gathered and analyzed data from usability studies, producing emotional-trajectory graphs in Excel, tying  into video segments.


Creative, apple store fifth avenue  |  NEW YORK, NY  |  OCTOBER 2006 - October 2007

-  Instructed one-on-one lessons on web design, video editing, and music production.

-   Presented workshops to a live audience on iTunes, iPhone, and other Apple offerings.


Course Instructor, art institute  |  los ANgeles, CA  |  FEBRUARY 2006 - JUNE 2006

-  Taught Digital Audio Editing course to students in the Interactive Media Design program--course combined lessons in sound theory and practice in Pro Tools software.

- Authored syllabus for Sound Design course.



-  Self-employed audio editor on numerous projects for film, television, games, radio, theater, museum, audio books and children?s toys, working at such studios as Technicolor Interactive, Warner Brothers, Outlaw Sound, and Video Box.

-   Garnered over ten IMDb credits, with projects including ?Lottery of the Sea? feature documentary by Allan Sekula, ?Jade Empire? game for Xbox, and ?Justice League Heroes? for Playstation 2.



-  New York University, NYC - Masters of Professional Studies, Interactive Telecommunications (ITP), ?08

-   California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA - Bachelors of Fine Arts in Music Technology, ?03



-  Experience in evolving prototypes into products, usability testing, wire-framing and spec-writing.

-  Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript (JQuery), Flex Builder, Subversions, and Adobe Creative Suite.

-  Rapid prototyping skills in Java (Processing) and C with Open GL (OpenFrameworks).

-  Understanding of physical computing with basic analog and digital electronics.

-  Background in film post-production using Pro Tools and Final Cut software.

-  Expertise in Max/MSP programming for museum installations.