The Mission

PushPopDesign specializes in application design and the creation of compelling audio and visual media assets. Our clients have encompassed everyone from large companies, to firms, to production houses, to start-ups. We adhere to meticulous guidelines or push the boundaries of what is possible--whatever it takes to make things pop.

Interaction Design

User Experience, Information Architecture. We've helped design the usability layer on everything from mobile applications to microsites.

Process and Deliverables

  • Usability and market research
  • Generating site maps, user-flows, wireframes
  • Graphical user interface design
  • Front-end development in HTML, Flash

Code Artistry

Where imagination meets technical innovation. We think artfully and then execute special applications, graphics and video assets in code.

Process and Deliverables

  • Creative coding motion graphics and video in OpenFrameworks and Processing
  • Working with art direction and style frames
  • Installation design and development

Sound Design

This is where it all began for us. Linear-based, sound editing and music composition for film, video and games. We're still making tracks.

Process and Deliverables

  • Sound design
  • Sound editing
  • Music composition
  • Mixing and production